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Spendwise helps you manage your finances, the better way.

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Spendwise is a complete finance management tool that helps you track your incomes, expenses, debts, budgets and more!

Track your expenses

Managing your daily transactions is now easier with Spendwise. Organising them into categories shows you where your money goes.

Schedule Transactions

You can now schedule your transactions and avoid entering payments that repeat periodically. Spendwise also makes it easier to track all your upcoming bills.

Manage Debts

Knock down your debts by taking a deep look into how much you owe. Spendwise helps you do just that!

Smart Budgets

Budgets are a great way to make sure you are spending only what you can afford. Spend less using Spendwise's budgets.

Clean and easy to use

Spendwise is easy to use with its clean and intuitive UI which works well in all devices.



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  • You will be charged once the free trial has ended
  • Access to all features and to the mobile app (when it is released)
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  • Why should I track my expenses, incomes and debts?

    This is a very common question I get from my friends who are not yet in the habit of noting down their expenses. They think the money they have already spent is gone, then why bother about it.

    Tracking your expenses can help you identify where your money goes and how you spend it. It helps you change your spending habits and motivate you to spend less.

    Noting down all your expenses may seem hard at first, but once you get used to it, you will enjoy it and makes you feel you have more control over your money. Spendwise makes it easy to get you started in your money management journey.

  • Why yet another expense management app?

    I have almost used all expense management apps out in the market and have a paid subscription to one of the apps. But that turned out to be very buggy and was even unusable for almost a month 😦.

    And above all, none of the apps covered Debt tracking. So, I had to always use Google sheets to track my debts. All these reasons motivated me to develop my own app!

  • Why don't you have a mobile app?

    Yes, I know everyone prefers a mobile app over a web app. I'm mainly a web developer, which is why I decided to start with a web app. I have designed the web app in such a way that it adapts well to be used in smaller screens.

    But I'll be working on a native mobile app soon for both iOS and Android. Web app subscribers will automatically get access to the mobile app once it is launched.

  • Why don't you allow to sync data with Bank Accounts?

    I was never a fan of automatic data sync with bank accounts. There are so many edge cases that categorisation mostly turns out incorrect. Entering our expenses manually may look old school, but then you are more in control over your money - you get to think the reason for each spending.

  • Is Spendwise safe to use?

    Spendwise takes security seriously. Spendwise is mostly powered by Amazon Web Services and uses best practices to make sure only authorized users can access their data. All data is encrypted using industry-standard AES 256 algorithm.

    Your data will never be sold to anyone nor used for any marketing campaigns.

  • What are your future plans?

    Releasing a mobile app is the top priority at the moment. I have lots of features in my wish list which will be added to Spendwise with time. Yeah, exciting times ahead! If you have a feature request don't hesitate to let me know at support@spendwise.io